Kadmos launches local wallet integration in the Philippines with GCash



March 3, 2023

  • Kadmos kicks off first local wallet integration with GCash
  • Thousands of seafarers use GCash to transfer money to their families and friends
  • Kadmos’ solution drastically reduces the time spent on mass payments

Kadmos, the end-to-end salary payments platform for cross-border employees, announced its first local wallet integration with GCash, the Filipino leading mobile wallet and payment service.
Counting over 60 million users as of May 2022, GCash covers 83% of the Filipino adult population, and thousands of seafarers use it to transfer money to family and friends.
With the newly introduced feature, Kadmos is leveraging GCash's capability to allow companies to pay salaries to their employees, supporting their families from afar, even faster.
The launch follows strong demand, where Kadmos' customers - shipping companies needing to pay salaries to their crews - encounter complexity in fast salary payouts, often due to outdated payment methods.
The Finance Team at Gentenox said: "We appreciate Kadmos' efforts with the GCash implementation process. It was an important victory for our company in improving payment relations with our customers."

"When Kadmos introduced the opportunity to pay Filipinos with GCash, we reduced the time spent on payments due to the convenience of mass payment. Furthermore, we welcomed positive feedback from suppliers who received funds in their local currency within one business day."

The local wallet integration is another step for Kadmos toward its mission; empowering millions of seafarers across the globe by transforming their financial experience and helping them gain overdue financial freedom. 

About Kadmos
Kadmos is a Berlin-based Fintech on a mission to revolutionize the way that seafarers are paid. In an industry dominated by opaque mark-ups, kickbacks, and literal bags of cash, we want to reduce administration and accounting costs associated with paying your crew. At the same time, we are committed to providing more control over finances through a free e-wallet that enables money transfers with marketing-leading FX rates as well as a global debit card. Read more about Kadmos, our team, and our founding story.