Kadmos launches Business-to-Business Payments



March 3, 2023

  • Kadmos introduces B2B Payments for its customers
  • The new feature allows companies to make all their payments from one platform
  • SWIFT and SEPA capabilities make payments possible worldwide

Kadmos, the end-to-end salary payments platform for cross-border employees, announced the launch of Business-to-Business Payments to further simplify payment processes for its customers.

In fact, the newly introduced feature allows Kadmos’ customers to make all their payments to employees and businesses alike from one platform.

The launch addresses strong demand, where Kadmos’ customers need to recur to third-party apps and channels for B2B payments, oftentimes not being able to complete all their payouts using one payment channel only.

Once enabled, companies benefit from an even smoother payment experience via the Kadmos Company Portal. Users can pay salaries to employees as well as bills to businesses, such as suppliers, affiliates, vendors, and agencies.

SWIFT and SEPA capabilities make payments possible wherever the recipients are, in Europe and worldwide. Companies save even more time when making payments with the fast beneficiary creation flow and handy payment re-creation process for recurring transactions. Additionally, the easy-to-use Kadmos Reports make reporting processes faster and more transparent.

With the new feature, Kadmos provides the same intuitive user experience as with the worker payment flow to help companies improve the often complex nature of payment processes.

In the form of a seamless and easy-to-use web app for employers, Kadmos has developed a secure salary payment platform for shipping companies that enables them to pay their crews and other businesses efficiently.

Kadmos provides a global payment platform for fully digital, fast, and transparent payments. Employers and employees alike benefit from the service.

The Business-to-Business Payments feature will be made available progressively to eligible customers upon request.

About Kadmos

Kadmos is a Berlin-based Fintech on a mission to revolutionize the way that seafarers are paid. In an industry dominated by opaque mark-ups, kickbacks, and literal bags of cash, we want to reduce administration and accounting costs associated with paying your crew. At the same time, we are committed to providing more control over finances through a free e-wallet that enables money transfers with marketing-leading FX rates as well as a global debit card. Read more about Kadmos, our team, and our founding story.